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Outcast LRP is a family-friendly Live Role Play system based in the midlands. It has been designed as a festival based system that has a heavy story based influence, and to cater for both experienced roleplayers and those who are starting the hobby for the first time.
Outcast is a system that is based around the idea that parents want to play with their children. At Outcast the plot for adults and children is intertwined. One of the main decisions we made was to actively involve children in the game and stories. These are the new generation of roleplayers after all!

Our crew has a lot of teachers and people that work with children on it so we have the abilities on the team to help them and encourage them to work together promoting literacy, numeracy and other key skills.


The game has been created with you, our customers in mind. We are open and honest about our policies, and are proud to be a non profit organisation, running the system out of our passion for the hobby.


The World Of Outcast
The story of Outcast is played out in Calinthea, the Holy lands, the land of the Gods, where only you, with the hand of destiny upon you can survive. It was a thousand years ago that the Great Sundering happened and Gods and Demons left this world. Mankind has survived and grown on its own in the Five Kingdoms of Valys, where they have warred and battled against each other for many years. With Priests receiving visions from the Gods, Demonic cults starting up in the Nations of Valys and strange portents coming from the sky, the Leaders of the Five Kingdoms have gathered their most trusted Warbands together and set upon the epic journey to the Holy Lands.
Here they must explore the old civilizations of the Calinthean Gods and find the mysteries of their past to understand their destinies. With allies from their new lands and unsteady truces in place, the leaders of the Kingdoms will meet on the holy land to discover what dangers there are and how they can combat them and to craft new stories of their own.



We have added some extra links for those having problems using the menus to reach the event booking pages with mobile devices. If you are still struggling please contact us for help.

 If you spend XP before the next event you are booked for, please let us know so we can create you a new charecter card.



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